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Hengtong Joined GWEC as a Global Player

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On November 8th, Hengtong joined GWEC as a Global Player!

A handshaking between Mr Ben Backwell, CEO of GWEC, and John Hsu, GM for Hengtong's International HV and Submarine Power Cable businesses at the Global Renewables Hub pavilion at COP28 witnessed Hengtong's entry.

“To enrol in GWEC at COP28 is very meaningful to us. At Hengtong, we believe in a world powered by the forces of nature that we shall harness, electrify, and transmit safely to our society and we are excited to be a member of GWEC. Only together can we master the challenges of our time and position wind energy as the answer to climate and geopolitical challenges and secure the future of our species on this planet." Said John Hsu.


Hengtong makes onshore and offshore wind power available to communities and businesses across the globe, securing a sustainable clean energy supply for future generations. The company is a pioneer with more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing underground cable, wind turbine cable and submarine cable systems, we also have our own cable laying vessel, and wind turbine installation vessel.