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Aberdare Attends the South African President's Charity Dinner

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On November 19, Wang Shenzhu, CEO of Hengtong's Aberdare was invited to attend the South African President's Charity Dinner and had a brief exchange with the President at the banquet.

The charity dinner was sponsored by the Adopt-a-School Foundation established by Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, which is committed to raising money to build schools for more children and promote the quality of basic education in South Africa. Since its establishment, the Foundation has established hundreds of schools throughout the country, bringing sustainable changes to the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, their families and communities.

Aberdare has been practicing the tenet that “social responsibility is the first responsibility of the enterprise" in South Africa, continuously contributing to education, employment and other aspects and has won a high social reputation in the region.

In order to help poor children near Aberdare have access to further education, Aberdare cooperated with Siqongweni Middle School to carry out the Aber-School Project in April 2017. President Ramaphosa inspected the project in 2019 and gave a positive comment. At the banquet, Wang Shenzhu reported to the President about the current situation and said that it was very meaningful to help these children get equal educational opportunities.

It is reported that up to now, more than 400 people from several local villages, such as Imbali, Enlandskop, Endendale and Sobantu, have benefited from the project. The pass rate of mathematics examination of students in Siqongweni Middle School is 84%, ranking among the top schools in the country.

In addition, there is a special "Aber" organization in Pietermaritzburg - Abercare, which was established in 1998 and is a disabled people care organization funded by Aberdare for a long time. This institution not only resolves the living problems of local disabled people, but also brings benefits to the local economy. In the future, Aberdare will continue to adhere to the spirit of Hengtong, help the development of local charities, and make greater contributions to the employees and the society.