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Hengtong Appears at Convergence India 2022

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From March 23 to 25, 2022, the 29th Convergence India was held in Delhi. It is the largest communication exhibition in South Asia. The Convergence attracted many global operators to discuss the development and future of the industry, showing the great momentum of the global optical communication industry.

India is a big country and its telecommunications industry is the world's second largest with 1.17 billion users.


Hengtong took advantage of localization to attend the exhibition with products and solutions such as optical fiber, optical cable, FTTx, air-blowing micro cable, generic cabling series, ODN and so on.

Since entering the Indian market in 2007, Hengtong has been committed to providing quality product supply and after-sales service to the Indian market, and become an important overseas supplier in the Indian optical communication market. In December 2021, Hengtong's wholly-owned subsidiary established in India has officially put into operation. The localized production will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Hengtong optical communication products in the Indian market, and radiate to other South Asian countries and the Middle East region, which will help promote the local economic development.