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Hengtong's Quantum Project won the highest award on WSIS

2019-04-13 4285 Font size:

On April 9, Beijing time, the ITU held the 2019 WSIS Awards Ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland. The project of Information Encryption against leak or tamper Network System Based on Quantum Communication Trunk, jointly declared by China Unicom and Hengtong, was awarded the Winner prize , the highest award in C5 category. Mr. Zhao Houlin, Secretary-General of the ITU, personally presented the award to Zhu Changbo, Vice President of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute and Director of China Unicom Intelligent City Research Institute and Yin Jicheng, President of Hengtong Communication Industry Group.

WSIS is the largest gathering in assisting ICT development. This year, a total of 1140 projects participated in the declaration, among  of which 29 came from China. After selection, 18 projects have won the highest prize.


Yin Jicheng, President of Hengtong Communication Industry Group, remarked that,  the higher the level of information, the bigger the impact of information security problems. “Compared with traditional confidential communication, quantum confidential communication has been proved to have unconditional security in theory, which effectively reduces the risk of confidential information disclosure, and re-establish people's confidence in the use of ICT."